lundi 17 mars 2014

Millies Cookies recipe

Millies Cookies recipe are at the top ! Neither too soft nor too hard, they are a delight to the taste buds.
I love that there are so many flavors! According to the Department , however, I feel that they are people of different
( one tested at Gare de Lyon seems also not as that provided in Opera ) .

We can therefore find classic chocolate chip cookies , chocolate cookies of all ,
 chocolate cookies and coconut cookies taste brownies, etc. . In short , there's plenty of choice of taste, some quite original .
And for large gourmand who celebrate their birthday, it is possible to buy cookies cake size! How cool is that?

It is easy to miss Millies Cookies recipe , hidden , this naughty , inside the Opera metro station ,
 in front of the main output. Who never went to a metro store really hoping to find happiness ?

But the exception proves the rule. Millies Cookies recipe is a rare pearl , the treasure in the cave, how Dungeons and Dragons,
but without the dragon (unless you really hate subways ) .

Millies Cookies recipe are so good after completing ( eaten )
the first box that I had bought him I returned as soon as possible to resume ( and twice this time , gluttony requires) .
I have now tried all tastes and I think my favorites are dark chocolate , white chocolate and toffee . But we can also find two chocolate , grapes, berries , orange and so on.

They are all great : soft Wishes , sweet without being sickening , even when it aligns four
and the main ingredients are still being felt , it really sets a chocolate on the other. Must try them all
really like pokemon .

Millies Cookies recipe And the best recipe , the icing on the cookie , it's ultra- tiered pricing . One cookie costs € 01.07 , and it hurts a little ,
but 24 cookies cost 12 € , ie 50 cents each (for students in the humanities and those who would come to wake up )
and there it is in heaven . Otherwise it is € 9 for 12 cookies and I forgot the fourth option ;
Millie sells only in boxes with fixed sizes.